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After twenty-five years of ministry, it has been my observation that the doctrine of separation has become increasingly one of the least popular truths to be biblically expounded. This doctrine has not only been distorted but also avoided and, in some cases, abandoned. Preachers and teachers have allowed the fear of being labeled a “Pharisee” to prevent them from teaching their people the importance and the blessings of this doctrine. For years, I have made these truths a vital part of my preaching. From time to time, I have preached multiple messages over the space of several weeks on this very subject. This book is the result of a three-part series that I have preached several times down through the years. Without getting bogged down in the many specifics of biblical separation, I simply expounded and explained the principles pertaining to God’s definition of separation. I am grateful to all of those who have assisted me with this tremendous effort of taking these messages from their original audio format and producing this much-needed resource material. The vision was to preserve the one-on-one feel in which it was delivered while trying to maintain some adherence to the rules of proper grammar and formal writing. I trust that this book will in some small way encourage God’s people to pursue biblical separation in their lives and, in doing so, bring praise and glory to our Savior.

Dare to Be Different

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